Across the Charles – March 5, 2014

There is a rich multifaceted history in Boston, and, as we transition from Black History Month into Women’s History Month, it’s worth paying attention to their contributions to American History.

While everyone knows about the Freedom Trail, a slightly less well-known part of Boston is the Black Heritage Trail. The trail marks important sites of African-American history and includes the oldest surviving black church in the United States, the 1806 African Meeting House in Beacon Hill. You can learn more about the Black Heritage Trail and African-American History at the Museum of African-American History in Beacon Hill.

Moreover, there is also the illustrious Boston Women’s Heritage Trail, which celebrates 400 years of Boston Women’s History. If you don’t have time to walk one of the 5 different trails highlighting the rich history that women have contributed to different sectors of the city, you can visit the Boston Women’s Memorial located in Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

Boston Women's Memorial

 Directions: Take the Red Line inbound towards Braintree to Park St. Station. The Museum is about a 3-minute walk from there. 


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